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… is source of gossip or might be the victim of such action. To hear barking dogs, but not see any, means lighter gossip or quarrel;

Bite or howl means threat – In the dream to see or to hear howling dog is bad sign. Also, dreaming of biting dog is bad omen too. Hearing of howling dog is interpreted as a general warning of serious danger. To be bitten by dog can be interpreted as more direct danger against the dreamer;

Chase means risk  – Dreaming of chasing dog shows a …

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Psychological Meanings:

Ready to integrate into public and society  The prom is a social event. The dreamer is introduced into society. This dream symbol refers to the integration into society and social conventions. Also the dream symbol of prom shows that you have learned a particular physical and social skill with which you are now able to go public. In rare cases the prom as a dream …

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